10 comments on “SD Sinanju – Completed

  1. Almost 2 years ^^ but it’s done, So this will be published in a model magazine 😀 Nice edit
    I like it the Tail, the henkei idea 😀 You mix them well

  2. Hey thanks Aya, hahah yes it is finally done 🙂
    The overall idea is just to make a Cybuster from a real robot, glad you like it!

    • Thank you, John!
      I lost some important parts of the graze so now I am now continuing to work on my Alt again 🙂

  3. Wow..the first time I saw this i was just stunned.
    This actually got me to wanna start SD x HG mods.
    A quick question, if I may, How’d you attached the torso to the lower body because that is the part that i don’t understand.
    Anyway, great build! Thanks for inspiring me.

    • Thank you! SD x HG mod is fun.
      For the torso, it was a custom made joint with PC part and epoxy putty. You can see it in sinanju wip 1 🙂

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