17 comments on “farsia wip 3

    • yoi, proporsi emang penting banget sblm masuk ke detailing
      jgn lupa perutnya tinggiin jg biar seimbang

      • nah, gimana tuh caranya ninggiin perutnya bro?
        kan letak lobang jointnya mepet banget tuh
        apa jointnya itu ditinggiin juga?

      • dari conv kita sptny kamu pny kit farsia kan y? Itu bagian perut ny yg hitam, kan ad lubang yg btk ny ky silinder (yg nantinya balljoint dari pinggul ny nancep k sini).

        step ny kira2 gini:
        1. cari silinder yg diameter ny sama dgn diameter lubang d part hitam td
        2. siapkan epoxy putty
        3. lumuri silinder dgn vaseline ato apapun sbg pelicin agar tidak lengket dgn epoputty ketika kering
        4. tancapkan silinder
        5. tempelkan epoputty d sekeliling perut
        6. tunggu kering
        7. remove silinder ny

        dgn begitu otomatis lubang joint ny jd panjang dan sesuai dgn diameter bawaan ny, jd balljoint dari pinggul pasti muat

      • What tools did you use for sculpting? hobby knife or special tool for sculpting?

      • Actually I rarely sculpt. Most of the time I will adjust the shape by pressing here and there with my fingers or hobby knife when the epoputty is half dried.

  1. I got so much to learn in custom build my gunpla ha ha ha, thank you for the info. I’m not dare to custom with epo-putty yet, I’m afraid that I’ll ruin my gundam. But someday I will :D. So sorry if I asked too much questions. Will follow your works bro, it’s so awesome

    • There is a first time for everything, hahah. But it is good to polish the basic modeling skills first before trying to do modification.
      Good luck with your mods!

    • Hi Renz,
      The extension to the legs and torso is made using epoxy putty.

      I sawed off the leg that will be extended in 2, inserted a plastic beam as reinforcement, then applied the epoxy putty in between, by doing so I will have a longer leg now.
      After the epoxy putty has cured completely, slowly remove the excessive epoxy putty with pen knife, followed by a final sanding to match the leg’s curvy contour.

      The torso was done with the same steps, except you need to create your own ball joint so it can be snapfitted to the pelvis parts.

      Hope it helps )

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