11 comments on “zeydra wip 14

  1. dont know what to say,, but i just love everything >.<

    want to ask one thing,, a weird questn though
    do you primie first or scribe first? O.o

    • Hi there zaynt, how have u been doing?

      I would usually sand the surface first with sanding sponge, than draw and scribe. What you saw here is already sprayed with primer because I rushed for the groupbuild deadline, so at least I can submit a neat looking grey color prototype zeydra 😀

      • how ive been doing? hehe,, i hve some secret progres actually
        don’t wanna post it now,, i want to post it in finished condition >.<
        coz im afraid if i post it before it's finshed it will be a stuck-like-wont-be-finished-progress again haha i hve a bunch of prog like that –a
        hope this one wont be like that as well 😀

        oh i see then,, ^__^

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