10 comments on “zeydra wip 12

  1. Was wondering where this guy went! Glad to see you working on him again. Somehow he looks more cooler with the gaddesa rifle though. If its the mid range modified rifle, maybe make it a wee bit longer to match your increase proportions or have a little blade at the bottom haha.

    • Hi chubbs ^^
      I quite like the cannon as well. I will need to design some battery for the power source if I decide to go long range.
      Received a good advice from kyle from plamo re-wired

  2. I like to see how the mid range modified rifle will look once your done with it…Personally I think the mid-range rifle suits Zeydra more than the cannon….Zeydra is known for his speed right? so to go along with it’s ability it’s better to equipped him with the mid range rifle 🙂

    • Hi reiras
      Yes, if I look at the body proportion, it’s not for carrying a heavy weapon. Guess I will continue to work on the rifle and do a comparison later. Thanks for the input 🙂

  3. man, your working pace sure allows lotsa of revisions 😀

    i have no idea on what to suggest for the gun, i just want to see this thing gets painted lol

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