14 comments on “alteisen wip part 17

  1. Hmm maybe get a caliper to help out with the angle on the sanding. Helps maintain the consistency of the edges keke.

  2. Oh and btw, what about using a blade glued on pla plate so that you can have a consistent angled scrapping tool? Should be helpful in chamferring the blade art 😀

  3. You said that you avoid sanding in the night for health reason, why is that? I thought that night and day didn’t make a difference to our health…

    • I usually get back home around 8 to 9pm on weekdays. Sanding at night will make my room dusty, even though I clean before sleeping, I think the dust is still flying here and there ><

    • Thank you. Really glad you like my alt.
      I am just doing this for my own hobby, but there are many that are really pro and kind enough to share their knowledge. You can try gamerabaenre, fitchenfoo, and ebasenet.

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