19 comments on “alteisen wip part 16

  1. Extensions to the waist. Nice :3 love the add ons to it xD wanted to do something like that on my gespenst Custom but i didn’t had the add ons you have ><

    • It’s still posable, the torso is able to revert back to normal standing
      You know I take modeling very very slowly ZD, not suited for compy XD

  2. very dynamic! it does look like an Eva unit. you should do a berserker mode mod… although you yourself are already kinda going berserker mode with these mods 😛

    when you extended the peg with the rod did you just use cement glue only? i tried something similar before with my gouf because i need to extend the peg on the arm but it just kept breaking 😦

    • Maybe you can try this. After you’ve glued your extension and let it dry, drill a hole down the rod and super glue a metal rod inside. It should strengthen the joint quite a bit. You can use stuff like a straightened paper clip or a brass rod.

    • Berserk alt, now you mention it I remember the beowulf alt from OG inspector 😀

      Yes, like what evolution said, I did add reinforcement inside.
      But I drilled holes to both parts first, then superglue all the things together.

      I also purposely made the surface rough before gluing, it bonds better that way.

  3. So.. yours is progressive version. no wonder it can post so well.. great choice on the Zeta part.. never know those hydraulic pump are so use full.. great job there.. i just check the progressive version from Dalong.net.. damn.. i should get that version.. haha

    • Yes, ver progressive offers you a much better articulation. I am surprised at how they can make a bulky MS move better than 1/144 gundam.
      Go and get this one 😀

  4. Gwad…..you leave me itching to do mods…..and your posing rocks man….

    Slow, steady and awesome bro!

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