26 comments on “alteisen wip part 11

    • Luckily plaplate is very light, and katana is a thin blade.
      So I can avoid the weight problem 🙂

      But thanks for the reminder bro!

  1. Nice placement of the blades! I second ZDs idea on a mounting rack. But will the blades slide out if you angle the arm down?

    • thanks chubbs.
      The thin blade will slide out, that’s why I recasted 2 more with bigger width and thicker blade.
      And I think due to the imperfect curve of my sheath, the new blades are now secured, hehehe

  2. Now Zengar Zonbolt has a new sparring partner and popularity isue to worry about.

    tapi bingung jg gus; pedangnyo panjang diennjuk sarung; lurus pulok? cak mano nak cabut tuh pedang?
    secara pedangnyo lebih pajang dari rentang 2 tangan alteisen? (pundak altesein bulk mak itu tangannyo kan jadi dak acak rentang besak2???)

    • great observation from ninja!

      Thanks for the feedback bro. Actually with this model, no matter where I mount the katana, it wont allow alt to draw the blade out completely. I have to cheat at some point to slowly allow the blade to be drawn. So I decided to mount it at a place I like, ><

    • tangan kanan udah ad paku mafty
      klo dipasang pedang, nti pas mau nusuk paku malah kena gagang pedang duluan :malu:

  3. you are so cool 😛

    maybe mount the swords on the shoulders like kamen rider gattack? lol

    im glad your continuing to add on to this build, very impressive to see your works! your instincts are good when it comes to this stuff. no matter what you do, nothing seems out of place… everything in this looks like it should belong. very solid 😀

    • thanks for the kind compliment, lee!

      I tried putting them on the shoulders but they’re too long
      the gattack zecter is not compatible with alt XD

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