22 comments on “Nobel WIPs summary

  1. Buhaha, this is like straight from the magazine man! I love this presentation! Really brings your stuff to a whole new level!

    • background shirt G2000 putih, sumber cahaya dari 2 sisi
      tambah kontras di PS klo kurang terang

    • thank you ZD.
      one week has passed and I am sure the system will replace it with new entries.

      made me really happy to be able to make it on the list.

  2. you need to get this published! for realz haha

    this is a professional layout and shows the importance to taking good step by step WIP pics to document. if you keep this up i can definitely see your works being added to popular hobby magazines 😀 you segment could be called, ” hot mods with heathorn” lol

    • LOL, hot with heat……
      thanks rocklee 😀

      I have a habit oh taking pictures of the wip, luckily some before and after were taken with similar angle

  3. lol just seen this post after a long time O_O

    nice job as always

    btw horn, di kamera lu ada metering mode ndak? itu sepertinya pantynya underexposed krn pake background putih terang

    • all thanks to you and the online challenge ^^

      sy masih trauma…….

      ngk ngerti, pokoknya kamyu harus dtg n jelasin privat ke eyks, huehuehuehue

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