34 comments on “Nobel gundam completed

  1. sexy bro~~~ just a nitpick, maybe the hip joints looks a bit bare, i guess. overall, the finish is awesome~ 😀 can’t wait to see you paint Alt next

    • thanks ZD!
      the silver hip is the second color I painted, first I painted the same orange as the thigh, but decided to give it silver later on >.<

      Actually I can't get the gloss finish I wanted, might try to re-gloss coat the kit and compound it if I have the mood.

  2. Dude, nice work! It looks awesome! I really like the colors you chose for this, they look great!

    • thanks Andrew!
      Actually I wanted it to be lighter, and more purplish, like the anime version. But I gave up after several attempts mixing paint and still not getting what I wanted >.<

    • yes you’re right. Commander panty’s original anime color is also based off rodimus I think.

    • makasih mafty….
      current project, still finishing alt
      and still owing rocklee the RX78 GB XD

  3. Awesome… Just awesome… I wish I have your brain so I can do my nobel too!! D= its still on its way here… excellent post man, I’ll try to do something… Soon

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