18 comments on “Nobel gundam wip 4

  1. woah, awesome heat..
    after this GP01, I will try to SB some shoulder and armor..
    of course I will have to ask you a lots about it..

    anyway, thanks for the advices heat..

  2. I am enjoying seeing you build this Heathorn, its great to see how you work, and your attention to details.

    Keep it up, I can’t wait to see the complete model!

    • Thank you Andrew.
      The longer time I spend with one kit, the more things I want to do to it, luckily there is a deadline for this project so I can’t drag too long XD

    • Transhome!!
      Haha, thank you lee. I’m actually trying to do it like Seira’s panel, still far if you really see the comparison ^^

  3. Wow this looks amazing. Do you have tutorials on scribing panel lines? how do you get them so nice and clean? and how do you get that kind of thickness? I want to learn how to

    • thank you.
      tuto for panel lines, I’ve got no photos for that, might do that when I start a new project.

      I am using hasegawa scriber for the small panel lines, and a hobby knife for the bigger groove, plus either a strip of plaplate or dymo tape to help me conform to the surface.

      Do not apply to much pressure on the first scribe, and slowly redo the stroke to make the lines clean.

      For me, I will always draw the line pattern on a sanded surface, it gives me a better grip compared to a smooth unsanded one.

      Hope it helps!

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