18 comments on “Nobel gundam wip 3

  1. Looking great my friend. You’re somehow taking the lamest Gundam ever made and making it look amazingly cool! I love the dual pistols! I want to try and work at getting as good as you are at custom building weapons!

    • thank you andrew ^^
      I chose nobel for the design is closest to how pantybot looks like. And of course she needs the pistols, a friend told me they look desert eagle-ish, hahaha.
      Custom build weapons usually take me long to finish, it’s not that hard actually, just that you might spend much more time.

  2. now that she is pantyboy, its normal for the pelvis area to be loose… 😛

    the wings and the guns are shaping up nicely, so cool! keep going going going, need to see more transformation!!

    • Thanks lee! Now need to sand and check for errors.
      Pantybot with loose pelvis…. you have a point XD

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