23 comments on “Nobel gundam wip 1

  1. Wow that is some major proportion change you doing. I am curious to see the next step since like ZD pointed out, you already discarded the hair and V fin.

    • Not really changing the overall proportion chubbs ^^
      Next step for the hair is almost done now. I’ll need to move to the backpack.

    • this is actually based off the anime panty and stocking with garterbelt. There is one episode where the main characters turn into a transformer type mecha. I am trying to make my own version of that ^^.

  2. nice resculpting! that is a lot of work to remake the back portion but i like where this is going 😀

    btw i couldnt find anything about this challenge on his site, do you have a direct link? i plan to get this kit soon, just hoping for a few other items to get in stock so i can buy from the same place lol

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