65 comments on “Cannon scratch build for hguc hinu

  1. im always in awe of someone who can scratch build something out of nth!! omg. epicness.. the cannon looks really good.. i dun think i’ll ever have the patience of building smthing lydat.. kudos heat!

    • thank you ren!
      yes this process needs a huge amount of patience. Luckily it fits me since I am a slow builder ^^

  2. haha i remember following the progress and all the time saying, “wuuuuuut thats not possible!” incredible SBing skill here 😀 the detailing, color, and decal are top notch!

  3. Wow. That’s freaking epic. O_O See, that’s the type of stuff that I want to learn about doing. Making stuff from scratch, and getting down to the nitty-gritty with it. Feel free to check out what little I have –although still adding every chance I get! ;D

  4. DUDE!! totally awesome works!!
    the finished result looks like a professional works, or even an official built!!
    crazy, just crazy…. salute!!

  5. wowwwww crazy!!! sasuga heat-san! I wonder if i can made some too T__T still dilly daling with snapfitting

  6. how do you make the parts stick to each other? i’m really looking forward to customizing and making new weapons for my models, especially my Exia Repair II, Strike Noir, and 00 Gundam (my favorites).

      • it’s really hard to believe that the first picture came from the other subsequent ones. real hard work is needed for this. i praise you sir for posting this tutorial for others. thanks a whole bunch! 🙂

    • saya sudah sebisa mungkin menjabarkan ny di sini bro, ad foto dan penjelasan juga.
      si bro kaskuser? PM aj, kebeneran lokasi sy ngk di Indonesia soalnya.

  7. i’ve followed some of your tutorials, and while i understand most of it, i’d like to ask, how do you connect the parts together? from my experience with hobby cement, it doesn’t hold quite as strongly as i’d like.. is it from actually connecting them via a shaft or thin metal rod (from some tutorials i’ve seen, they do that) or is there another way? your answer would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Matt,
      Yes that happens to me as well. As long as it is flat surface for both parts, I will use tamiya cement (in this case, every rectangular flat surface on my hinu cannon). Otherwise, I will use superglue (flat surface against curved surface, with some sanding to the curved surface beforehand to reduce the roundness).

      As for the metal rod, I am sure it will help, I use that to fix broken parts. But for this SB it is not very effective because some of my scratchbuilt parts are actually hollow inside.

      • thanks for clarifying, jumping into scratchbuilding is quite a leap, so i’m trying to gather as much info as i can before taking the plunge 🙂

        appreciate the help, and keep up the great work! loving your work so far

  8. Wow nice canon you have! Can you email me some of your sketch? Im not good in ideas and bad at drawing.. But surely i can make it if i have sketch and printed it out… 🙂

    • Hi Leingod,
      I don’t really get what you mean by ‘sketch’
      The sketch is only an initial idea of the shape and size. The way I scratchbuild objects are like what you can see above, not from a CAD blueprint, but directly ‘playing’ with the 3D object itself.

      If you need the sketch shown above I will look for it (this was from 2010 XD) and email a hires image to you 🙂

      • I mean your original weapon design that i can make.. Its hard for me to think and draw some idea.. I like your drawing.. Its just like i will make it a pattern by looking at it.. When i draw some riffle, it looks ugly.. If you can share some of your idea i will be glad.. My email is znehr_22@yahoo.com

      • Um…I am not a weapon designer ^^. Let me know what kit you are working on and what is your concept then I might be able to help.

        Let me share how I usually come up with ideas for my customized weapons.
        I will look for reference online, modelers-g, fg-site, plamo forums, etc. From these places I will look for “shapes that fit the kit I am currently working on”. These shapes may not be a weapon, but you can derive from here.

        It is always related the the kit you are working on, not just simply choose a weapon and give it to your kit 🙂

      • I thought you design.. Anyway i’m trying to convert my rg aile strike to wild wurger of srw og.. If you can help me the design of the weapon in the left and right arms.. I don’t have problem regarding the whole body.. 🙂

      • Based on my own experience, everytime you scratch build something, you need to think about both the design and the technical stuff.

        Honestly without the main kit, I can’t do much for you. Many things about of the weapon you need to scratch build will depend on your kit. Shape, proportion, where to mount the parts, joint locations, weight of the parts, whether it will hinder the kit’s movements, etc. All these will affect how you want to scratch build your weapon.
        As I mentioned before, it is not about building a part separately, then attach it to your kit. Though in some cases this is also highly possible ^^

        I strongly recommend you give it a try first. What I can think of, is, find a lineart of wildwurger’s weapons, trace, and cut the shape out. From there you will know where to tweak so it can fit to your RG strike.

      • Ok ty so much.. That is what im doing right now.. Just waiting for my tools to come

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