33 comments on “Alteisen WIP part 4

  1. hoho going fast this time you are 😀

    if that was me, i’ll just ignore the unsymmetrical side skirts since they are at different sides so the flaws are not obvious unless you put them side by side

  2. wow lot of effort to re-scribe, gives me headache just thinking of it lol XD very nice job and attention to detail. the panel lines on my gouf are ALL uneven but i dont have putty to cover and redo. also i notice compared to yours is that i scribe too deep, ill need to keep that in mind or i may cut through the plastic!

    i see you have new pack of coffee ready to help push through this build 😛

    • thx rocklee… We had a long weekend starting from last Friday, hence the mood to re-scribe, hahahah. I am using hasegawa scriber to do the panel lines, it’s easy to use and gives good maneuver.

      Coffee, yes that’s a present from my relatives, it says Seattle’s Best Coffee. But I have yet to try XD

    • Yes, nearly finished. No proportion mod or SB for this kit. Is detailing considered modification? hahahah I am confused.

      ntu yg kuning2 namanya komanech, coba google aj bro, dari serial ‘usavich’.

    • Affirmative…
      I only work when I have the mood sir, sometimes it’s the mood for dorama and Lufia….
      ampun pak :ngacir:

  3. Wow, I love the panel lining and detailing. I think proportion and articulation wise, koto has nailed it for this version of Altisen so I don’t think you need to do much except to give it more external detailing.

    Its the seamlines that are the killer me thinks!! But good progress man. Think you do this in time for this year!

    • Yes, ver. progressive has a nice proportion and articulation, even better than my previous hguc hinu.
      Hahaha you’re right chubbs, the seamlines are tough to deal with.
      Hmm…..finish this kit this year, I am not too sure about that 😀

    • I used 2 types of plastic beam, one has a square section (back skirt), and the other has a rectangle shaped section (side skirt). Not too sure about the thickness, but I think the square one is 0.8mm and the other one is 0.4mm.

  4. Heathorn, I see you are making good progress there with your Alteisen. With the detailing done, I guess it won’t be long before we see you completing it. Any ETA on the Alteisen?

    Onto the asymmetrical problem, I was thinking perhaps that can be worked on and developed further intentionally as part of the design. Symmetry is important but sometimes asymmetric can add a nice touch and make the design even more outstanding. For exmaple, the Alteisen is actually asymmetric with its arms different from one another, the revolving stake and 3-barrel auto-cannon, so it makes it less conventional and boring if you get the idea. 🙂

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