26 comments on “Alteisen WIP part 3

  1. ah i see..panel lines with different thickness~
    is that pla beams that you use for the shoulders and the side skirts? looks quite handy, i got my pla beams coming in the mail. jom bro, lets compete LOL (no doubt, i will lose to your skils XD)

    • actually not all are panel lines ZD.
      what you saw as bigger panel, is actually a recessed surface. And I will leave it like that without having to panel-line that part.

      Yes the thin and small plate is plastic strip, actually you can cut from a piece of plaplate but laziness gets the better of me, hahaha.

      Compete? No I dare not challenge the great ZD 😀
      what’s ‘jom’ anyway?

  2. wow you still do very nice detailing despite your busy work schedule! I love your detailing and pla plate bro, not too over detailed and yet brings the altisen to a whole new level!

    • thank you chubbs!
      Did some googling to look for inspirations, hahahah.
      Have you been to ilight? Last Friday I went there too early, but managed to see some of it.

      • I see, luckily the event is until november, so I think this weekend I am going to head down to marina bay again ^^

  3. looking sweeeeet! hes hard boiled, or half boiled as he is now 😛 very inspiring too see your builds and progress.

    after seeing this i was motivated to work on my Gouf Custom. did some light mods but i ended up just staring at the kit for some time, couldnt think of how to add design details Lol

    • thx mafty, I’ll go with ori color.
      Lufia DS is remake of lufia 2, you play as maxim. Not a turn based RPG anymore, it’s now action RPG, but the old BGMs are rearranged!!

  4. how come im not turned on by hlj alt progressive photo and yet

    just by looking at you posing your alt i got orgasm!!!

    • not as good as bandai’s
      some parts do not snapfit properly, some parts which are supposed to be flat after snapfit turn out to have different height. So seamline removal will need a bit of extra work.

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