25 comments on “Alteisen WIP part 2

  1. takes a lot of effort but its paying off yet again, looking good! 😀 how do you know where to add the lines and still compliment the original design! you have a great sense for it ^^

    congrats on acquiring new skill up lol really helps to add a new dimension in design.

    • thank you rocklee 😀
      where to add panels, yes that’s according to my intuition, hahaha
      as for the new skill, it’s thx to vandalier for the online tutor via chatting ^^

  2. Ah so you used the hobby nice the carve the indents behind the legs right?

    This has got to be the sexiest Altisen legs ever! LoL 😀

    • I just used the hobby knife and slowly ‘peel’ the surface.
      Remember to scribe panel lines first before peeling ^^

  3. I always having a problem in making the exact same panel lines for the left and right parts of the kit. Something like the one is a bit to the left while the other is on the right…any tips on how to do it?

    • I always based off my perasaan, agak agak aja bro 😀
      getting the exact same ones are really hard to me, even after I measured each part with a ruler.
      But jangka sorong might help, I saw pro modelers use that to SB identical left and right parts.

  4. bro, how you peeling those plastic with knive modelin?????
    could u give me tutorial how to do that?????

    • Hi fanz,

      it is basically peeling the surface with your art knife.
      First I will scribe a panel line, then stroke along with the sharp point of your art knife gently and repeteadly.

      • another question, do you used primer first before doing modicication or panel lining????

      • Yes, somehow I like the surface after a layer of primer.
        It is less slippery, and I can observe my scribing work more clearly. The rest of the part is grey, only the scribed surface peels off and reveals the original plastic color 🙂

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