40 comments on “gunpla photography

  1. omgs. it looks freaking nice.. i wish i have photoshop too. LOLX. jus joking. dude. that THING looks awesome!! WOAHH.. jaw drops. very very impressive… cant wait for its proper arrival. ^^

  2. hahaha,,your editing skill is awesome
    especially the black nendrosel rider 😀

    btw my set up for photography session only use 2 desk lamp
    if going outside, no lamp needed 😛

    • kyaaaaa mas koga stalker ternyata! ^^
      2 desk lamp, i see, are they from the left and right? Or maybe one is from the top?

    • ah, softz is here! thx bro!
      Any suggestions to make the shots better? Your shots are clear.
      I did borrow a friend’s camera, a Canon Powershot A650IS and gave it a try, the results were good, much better compared to those from my Nikon 4100. But I cant get good results from my own cam >.<

  3. nice warm lighting, would make for good closeup shots? or something diabolical… *looks at last image* there you go! 😛

    haha love the effects man, requesting you add on a LED mod to make this realz!!!!

    my cam needs ton of light to make the images clear T_T these type of mood shots might be impossible for me. maybe need to spend more time playing with the settings but i really want a new cam lol

    • hm….I think we have the same problem rocklee. Since I can’t adjust shutter speed, when shooting in the dark, the shutter will go very slow n the pic ends up bright with noise everywhere.

      Even when I have a desklamp as light source, the problem is still there.
      compare this one. (my nikon)

      to this one. (canon powershot)

  4. Got to love that last picture edit! GN Drive Hi Nu!!!

    As for getting these moody shots other than exposure there is this thing called metering. I usually set mine to spot metering. Other than that use the tripod and if you have manual focus its even better for these kinds of shots!

    • thank you chubbs! I can’t find any ‘metering’ option in my camera. Those shots were taken using ‘scene’ menu, meaning the settings are all preset for night landscape, party, firework show, etc.

      I tried taking a shot without the preset settings, but the photo ended up bright, coz I can’t control shutter speed. And the yellow light turned to be like a normal white color light. >_<!

      Any ideas to fix that?

      • Ah try setting your white balance to warm. Its this could shape icon on the white balance manual. Should be able to change your white back to the yellow lighting!

  5. That last photo is simply amazing! I like the lighting setup you used here… the ambient yellow light gives it a rather dark mysterious feel.

    I just use the brightest daylight white light bulb i can buy and angle it on my model… nothing fancy but gets the job done. I also would like to get into stylized photography sometimes too… seems like a lot of work but also a lot of fun ^^.

  6. your picture needs the white balance treatment.
    I don’t know how your camera incorporate this, but in my SLR we have the white balance setting, so the whole picture will not be yellowish (too red) or bluish (too blue)

    • I see, thx for the information 😀
      Ahem….those pics are meant to be moody, that’s the reason I used my yellow torchlight. The problem I am facing is that I can’t erase the noise, and some shots are far too bright compared to the original situation when I look at the model with my own eyes.

      Any help for that problem?

    • thank you ^^

      actually when working on this, I didn’t have a step by step method, it’s random :D. But I mainly used pen tool, brush is only for the particle effect.

      will explain more when I have the mood to write. I am not good at written explanation, uguuu

  7. O.O
    I really love that last picture, it looks totally awesome! If only a certain green haired God complex non-human piloted it. XD

    As for noise, you need to lower the ISO if the lighting permits. Since the lighting is dim, I guess it can’t be helped much unless you get yourself a better camera. You can still try to play around with the ISO settings, besides the other advices you have already gotten, to lessen the noise.

    Otherwise, just use PS’s noise filter. ^^;

    • thanks rndm 😀
      haha I am trying to learn a proper photography method, photoshop does come in very handy for image editing.

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