39 comments on “Alteisen WIP part 1

  1. omg bad assary! very cool looking panels lines there 😀

    are you having problems with the flash image uploader? i went months having to upload one image at a time but all of a sudden maybe thx to a flash update, it is now fixed XD it was really slow process to make a post and a huge pain! T_T

    • thx rocklee 😀

      dunno why it became slo when uploading, sometimes it says IO error, browsing has no problem though.
      maybe my connection is not stable.

      • ahh yea that was the same problem i had getting IO error. really annoying problem. one fix is to uninstall then reinstall your flash drivers but it doesnt always work.

      • for now it’s working fine.
        Hope I dont need to uninstall and reinstall.
        thx for the info rocklee ^^

  2. Wah you are really kicking ass with all that panel lining man!!! Awesome work!!! And how are the seamlines for Altisen this time round?

    I’ll probably get the chogokin version instead, prefer taking photos of kits than making them these days lol!!

    • thank you chubbs ^^
      seamlines, they are on the:
      -upper arm
      -lower arm (this is quite troublesome since the shape is quite complicated for the right arm)
      -legs (also quite troublesome, might need to mask the joints for seam removal)

    • trust me ZD it’s not that hard, but patience needed 😀
      the hard part is scribing curve line on curve surface on the head.

  3. Wow, you detailing definitely makes it look different from the one in the previous post. What did you do the red color? How did you remove it?

    • thx softz! Actually it’s not removing, but applying another layer of base paint to the kit. That way I can easily add in the details and check for errors.

    • mafty nakal ah, ini kan cuma scribing panel aj.
      No, after seeing the real RG, mine is like an FG, hahahaha

      actually this alt pregressive is already very nice, proportion, articulation, and gimmicks are good. Just that it has koto plastic and molding quality.

    • hohoho, you and chubbs are gonna present us with awesome chogokin alt photos!! Doing a double photo shoot together? Double trump card 😀

  4. The Alteisen is very well-proportioned and has great articulation to boot. But your panel-lining has add another dimension to the kit. well done there!

    I thought of doing up mine with custom decals, until I saw the price-tag for it. It costs a whopping $20 for it and I gave up on the idea.

    • yeah this kit is nice, thx Jacques!
      LOL, decals for koto are also more expensive than those for Bandai? Where can I find this custom decals?

  5. I found them at M Workshop. They are near the entrance of the door when you enter, behind the display glass. It is inside a stack of custom decals, which may take some time to find.

  6. wow.. those are very nice details.. makes the kit so much more realistic than it alr is! take ur time man.. its the effort that reflects on the final product. looking forward to it! =D oh ya.. btw.. where do you get your tapes for panel lining? i cant find such tapes anywhere!

    • thx for dropping by, ren 😀
      dymo tape, got it from giant at vivo city.
      Went to giant at parkway parade before but they don’t sell those.

  7. Hi, I’ve stumbled on your awesome blog while searching for gunpla’s tutorial 🙂 I see that you can speak indonesian/melayu, where are you from? And what coating did you use for this alteisen before you work on the panel scribing? And what are the purpose of the coating? Sorry, so much questions :p, I’m really curious. Thanks

    • Hi kinoroshi,

      I am Indonesian. As for the ‘coating’ you mentioned, it is actually a primer/surfacer, usually used before you start painting your models.

      In this case, I used a thin layer of primer before drawing and scribing panel lines. I have a habit of drawing the panel lines directly on the parts, raw parts come with a bit oily surface and it is hard for me to draw on top. But a thin layer of primer will help.

      I also use primer to check whether the mods are neat, lots of time you can’t see clearly before you apply a layer of primer.

  8. I see 🙂 Thanks for the explanation. I’m in to plamo too, but not as pro as you. I just learn to custom my kits, such as scribing and adding pla plate. I’m starting to think that using epoxy is important too if I want to custom. What epoxy did you use? And in customing with epoxy what are the steps to do? I’m really sorry for asking too much

    • No worries, I am glad I can help 🙂
      I am using alteco epoxy putty, it comes with 2 tubes (resin + hardener), to be mixed in 1:1 ratio.

      If you are using it to fill gaps, just leave it till it dries and then sand.
      If you are using it to sculpt something, it is best to work on it while it is half drying.

      If you have the budget, might as well go for modeling epoxy putty such as tamiya, I believe it will be easier to work on.

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