69 comments on “1/144 hguc hinu gallery

  1. Omg this thing is a beauty man! And your photography also level up!!
    The slideshow function is really useful for lots of pictures haha!

    Really I admire you for sticking through on this project! I most likely would have given up halfway haha ^^ (looks at backlogs…)
    Congratulations on another master piece haha! So will i see this at Bakuc this year hehe?

    • thank you chubbs!!
      haha I just bought a new white backdrop, the black one is already dirty. Yes the slideshow function is really helpful this time 😀

      I am also starting to have backlogs now….hinu took too long >.<

      BAKUC….hm….I don't think so chubbs, hahahaha

  2. I cried 3x more than the other two post before this one*T_T*

    Couldnt say much but its Beautiful,and part of it is I already used up all my good compliments in you wip posts

  3. Nice stuff!!! YAY!!! Finally!! I can see the completed version. It’s really superb and marvelous effort you have put in there. BRAVO!

    • thx man!! LOL, yeah, it’s FINALLY finished, hahaha

      btw have you visited singapore garden festival? with your photography skills, I am sure you can get nice shots.

  4. I like this model especially for the fin funnels.
    it makes the whole model different than original Hinu.

    your panel works are really great too, while mine is not tidy enough.

    • thx!
      panel lines not that great actually, if you look closely, you can see several places are not tidy enough, hahaha, first timer at this, I need more practice.

  5. Oooh, nice gallery. Nothing else to say since I already said it in the previous post.

    The BFG looks terrifically awesome in this gallery as well as the rifle.^^

    Oh yeah, no beam saber poses? XP

  6. awesome.yes, AWESOME!! the decals changed it all~ at first i thought the scheme is lacking multicolors but the decals gave more justice on that 😀 should inspire me for my Jegan

    • thank you ZD!!
      yes decals can be an important thing to consider. But I didn’t put many decals here, just a bit of small red decals here and there, haha

  7. Nicely done! The model looks incredible, the work and effort you put into it really shows. If there’s one model I regret not spending time on, it’s my HI-v. One day I’ve got to do another one. Fantastic work all around!

    • thank you 😀
      hoho, if you do a hi nu I think I’ll get to see an awesome one, hahahah, look at your sazabi….that’s superb

    • hahhahaha, airbrush masih perlu latihan nih, hasilnya masih kalah sama TS saya, hahahha, ga bnr teknik ab nya

      thx bro!!

  8. After saw this, I really regrets that I didn’t use wordpress..


    and I still remember about ordering this kits, and I remember that I already PAID you heat!!! GIMME THIS KIT!! hahahahaha…

    • I know this function thx to chubbs 😀

      no you didn’t order mafty, mafty pria pembohong!! kau mempermainkan diriku, mwahahahahaha

      • wahahaha… jangan begitu bos, kan sudah dikasih yen x 100
        hahaha… again.. this is really awesome heat..

        btw never though to mod a Alteisen eh? Alteisen Heathorn Custom?

      • I am working on alt now, but not much mods planned for this. Overall the kit is already looking good for me, just some minor details will do 😀

    • hi 5th, thx for dropping by!
      haha you flatter me, you and your SB SD gundams also made me speechless XD

      add you to my links okay? 😀

  9. ahhhh-mazing work of art heathorn! *bows to the pro of pros* its a natural reaction now lol you were very successful in creating one badass hi nu with these many new first mod attempts.

    really love the extra panel lines and weapons, the details on the finished product look sweet! i cant say enough good things about this kit, well done d^_^b

    • thank you rocklee, and welcome back 😀
      panel lines are a bit rough if you see closely, seems like I pressed the scriber too hard >.<

  10. sasuga hetporn!!!!

    ini yg dulu baru kelar buln juli?hehe
    keren hi nu nya… add the new taste for costum variation

  11. Simply fabulous! Those are some amazing mods; I love your custom bazooka/cannon! Now I know what I can use my click-erase case for when my eraser runs out 😉

  12. Wow, this looks freaking awesome! Damn man, sorry I don’t usually comment/visit much but when I did today I was shocked to see something so awesome looking as the latest post. I didn’t really follow the later half of your WIPs but I know I should have(although it wouldn’t have been as impactful as seeing it completed)

    Really love the huge-ass cannon and funnels ^^ Overall, a brilliant job dude *two thumbs up* Wish I could be able to mod my kits like you one day ;D

    • thx for the compliments, faddy
      I am flattered 😀

      being the third kit I really spent time to finish, I am satisfied with the result, though painting wise I really need to learn more, ufufufu

  13. Pingback: HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam Gallery By Heathorn | Gundam Model Kit

    • aha, that’s the ak-craft’s Nu I wrote on my hinu WIP post. If you happened to follow the wip posts, you’ll see that I posted the credit to ak-craft for the funnel design.

      To me, it’s more like he inspired me, and I developed my own funnels.

      thx for the comment anyway! Do drop by again.

  14. wow mr.heat ,,, i’ve read it’s wip many times and never make me bored with that,, need a modeller like you to teach me how to do that ,, haaha
    umm,, btw,, may i follow (maybe copy is the right word >..<

      • haha,, thx,, your hi nu will be an inspiration for mine B) :hammer:
        btw,, would you mind if you put my blog to your blogroll?? >.< thx (again)

        ngmong2 post saya yg tadi kok rada kepotong y -__-

      • feel free to do so ^^
        will add you to my links too!

        Your post was longer? There might be some errors.

  15. hi,
    i was wondering, where do you get those magnet you use for the funnel??

    i want to try using it for my Nu HWS too..

    btw, it looks awesome

    • Hi siryu9,

      I got the magnet from Hobby Art Gallery, a local hobby store here in Singapore.
      It’s called rare earth magnet.

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