31 comments on “hi nu –the mods–

    • thank you!
      ah, the guan dao 😀
      it’s still lying there not finished, dunno if I will ever use that

  1. *amazed*
    really a great work bro..
    ur SB skill.. and modification..
    magnificent job..
    waiting to see the photo after decaling and lining.. ^^

    • thank you!
      I hope I can finish this soon XD
      have to learn how to use enamel paint to do the panel lining first. So many ‘first’s on this model, hahahaha

    • no, I scrapped the sword idea, so hi-nu heathorn ver doesn’t include the sword, hahahaha.

  2. Nice recap of your nine months of hardwork man! This is what I call quality work. I got to learn this art of seeing something to the end! So many starts and no finish for me so far…

    Haha quick! Complete this!

    • thanks chubbs!!
      finding all the pics took me quite some time, have to scroll to the old pages in my media library XD

      hoping to finish this one soon, that being said, I think I’ll need another 2 weeks hahaha.

  3. seeing you post all the WIP in one like this really show your effort on building the Hi-Nu 😀 It’s almost finish right? Can’t wait to see the result ^^

    • ahaha yes, I myself didn’t realize I had taken almost all the pics of the progress, now I see it I feel happy 😀

    • thank you ^^
      actually I only need to do panel lining and decal, but somehow it has been abandoned for a whole week, hahahaha

    • yeah, I am satisfied with the result even though the paint texture is still not as good as my tamiya spray

  4. Its too beautiful, too beautiful! @.@

    You gave a lot of time and effort into it and the current result shown shows the deed well. After you’re completely done with it, you totally should make a proper gallery (as suggested by redmage). ^^

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