11 comments on “hi nu part 24

  1. Haha its getting better and better with each posting my friend. As for the base i was thinking something like a lunar surface instead. with the bottom of the bazooka resting on it and your hi nu holding it last Ver ed blast impluse.

    • thank you!
      The joint should be fine now I inserted quite a big metal rod inside.

      The base…it’s like a trailer? Can open to reveal the bazooka you mean?

    • haha thx tsuki ::D
      yes masking is important since I cemented and puttied most of the parts with different colors.

  2. Nice work on the Bazooka 😀

    custom base for the bazooka? hmm only got something like Hyaku Shiki’s mega launcher’s mount in my mind

  3. Looks pro. I can’t mod or scratch build like that at all. ^ ^;

    Not a fan of Hi-Nu, but I like the looks of yours. ^ ^

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