27 comments on “…a small accident…

  1. Oh my….thank goodness you managed to get it fixed! If not there is those koto msg joints that you can get.

    • LOL I was gonna suggest that too^^

      Ever since 00 and its fancy pansy pelvis joint came out, I started modding a few MS with 00 pelvis(yes I bought 3 00 just for the pelvis^^;)Articulation wise, its hard to break too

  2. The original model was already broken? That sucks man. But, we have pro gunpla here. So, it’s just a minor flaw to you 🙂

    • no, the original model is fine, but when I moved the leg, it broke >.<
      Some of my friend also had the same problem with the leg joint, better be gentle with 144 hinu 😀

  3. Wow, that’s sad. My HG Legend also broke the left leg joint years ago, also ball jointed. I just fixed it the other day, but have not test fitted yet….. Not sure if it could be fixed….. >_<

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