20 comments on “hi nu part 23

  1. Looks epic man 😀 Send this for the year end bakuc haha ^^ I’ll be there to take extra shots!

    I can’t really see the darker tone of the second mix from the pictures. Not that noticable from here.

    • ahaha, I am still far from that level chubbs.
      ah yes from the pic it’s not that obvious, but when you see it directly, you can tell the difference very easily

  2. very nice!… as always masking is top notch :P… result is looks sooooooo good~ XD.. the first pic kinda look similiar (the effect style :P) nyehehehe

    • nope, not done marzz >.<
      panel lining, decal, and tonight I just resprayed primer to the bazooka, that means I will have to redo the masking again…

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