20 comments on “hi nu part 22

  1. my my….how beautiful….very beautiful….BEAUTIFUL ONE YOU MADE THERE!!!!!!!!RAAAWWRR!!!!!!!!

    now you got Phase Shift effects on the funnels 😀

    for a first timer on AB..this is too much

    moar level up for heat =D

    GOOD JOB~!!!

    (now i want AB more)

    • haha thx ZD
      yes the funnels are all thx to airbrush and crazy masking

      but honestly, I still cannot control the texture very well. 11 plastic spoons still not enough, painting a real kit really feels different from the spoons, hahaha.

  2. Nice color gradation on the funnels 😀
    I usually keep the used masking tape for another project 😀 I throw them to trash can after it endure two projects (or if it got heavily damaged already LoL)
    Cute cutting mat 😀

    • thx bang!
      wow, you use it twice? I am afraid the tape will loose some of its stickiness so I use only once ^^

      cutting mat is cute, yes, hahahah

  3. Very nice~ O.O
    *stares into the light*

    Your Hi-Nu is really coming along really well. Good good. Keep up the good work! =D

  4. Getting pretty good there :D… great job on masking and painting XD… love the color and effects..

    that heat effect is kinda scary lol

    • I am heat, I control heat 😀
      masking is so important for this project, all the funnels joints are molded into a single part, damnit bandai….

    • ahaha glad you like it
      Torso adn SB is my focus in this mod, the rest are just extra panel lines XD

  5. I’ll buy the upper half of the Hi nu lol 😀 Awesome work man !!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the other stuff get painted!

    • haha thx dude!
      actually I am more worried about my masking, but luckily all the masking were successful 😀

  6. Chroming,and blue to white linear style, Love it all!

    For some reason Makes me want to buy 1/144 hi-nu and mod the wing funnels some articulation, and ship them out to that hi-nu

    • aha, good luck on that brother!
      modding that needs some crazy skill and determination.
      or maybe you can do that more easily by recasting the original articulated funnel.

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