16 comments on “hi nu part 21

    • yes in the end I choose the white and purple color scheme
      It’s actually more to purple, coz of my camera it looks like blue, glad that I can get that color but now I only have a bit left, have to make new mixture.

  1. Hmm looks like I found another use for my lamp lol!!! I love the off white with purple man 😀 Looks so much better than the default color!

    • thx chubbs! Tomorrow is June, time for chubbs returns, hahahah
      I find the color better than tamiya spray, not too white and not that common.

  2. whoaaaa, nice paint…. i plan to use those color but i guess it’s a famous color now (blue+white+purple)

    great job as always.. don’t worry, you will get better with time.

    and go get some proper airbrush stand! hehehe

    • thx mage ^^
      yeah I need more jam terbang with this.

      and that, actually is an airbrush stand with a light bulb installed XD

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