14 comments on “hi nu part 20

  1. hmm..alteisen color looks very nice~ but since you already scrapped the idea.

    the ver 2 is kinda like very monotonic so i think original color looks okay then.maybe add some blue to the upper knee?

    • hahaha yes I also like alt color ^^
      but then I’ll have my alt progressive, so this one will have to change

  2. hm… I like the red one, also the original color… since u already going to get Alteisen.. I think just go with original color.. :D.. its a Hi-Nu… 😀

  3. What about trying a reverse? Using a Nu Gundam color scheme on Hi-Nu? I thought of doing a Hi-Nu color scheme for my HGUC Nu Gundam^^…………. But that’s for much later 😀

    • yes that is also in my option, just like my exia with astraea’s color 😀

      but doing white and black is difficult with only tamiya spray, the color wont come out to be what I want >.<

  4. Biri Biri Style!!, err whoops doesnt count, but Ill go with tsukinaris suggestion, orig is always the best. Now I feel like seeing “Only my railgun”,just looking at the gun^^

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