16 comments on “hi nu part 19

  1. BFG pose striked me instantly,,reminding me of… well its the legendary AC bazzoka pose(to be honest I forgot the nameof the gundam)

    I saw that decapitated hand

    • AC bazooka? which one, maybe I can use that as reference for color scheme ^^

      ah the hands, hahahah yes
      I didn’t remove them >.<

    • thank you ZD 😀

      ahahaha ghostly fingers, that’s a new hissatsu waza for hinu
      ghostly~~ fingaaaaaaaa

  2. haha, in the first picture, I try to focus on you hi-nu, but always get distracted by Putin LoL nice grab on that one 😀
    And I could see you are enjoying all those funnels my friend. This is for a group build right? when is the deadline?

    • yup, putin is super funny. Every time I looks at it, I can hear him say “Hhhh!” just like in the vid LOL XD

      hahaha, well when I did it, it was when I had finished my project, so it was kinda happy ^^

      group build deadline is september or october I forgot

  3. you really have patience for all 12 funnels.
    I nearly want to move on the next kit when building those funnels.

    it’s such a relief that everything is over for me…

  4. woah nice..
    care to make another brand heat?
    you already have a decent competitor..
    ZD already has 2 lineup.. ZD 1/144 GuaiZD and ZD 1/144 DSZD Astray Custom hahaha..
    how about you? HH 1/144 Hi-nu?

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