20 comments on “Neo Zeon Banzai!!!

  1. Haha!! That epic death scene where he got reap by rezels….

    So just a simple straight build for this guy? Haha thought you will go all out mod like your hi nu 😀

  2. I dont remember seeing Nazi-zaku being sliced in half while still pulling a kamikaze…wait germans dont do kamikaze, nor is this a full blitzkreig.

    Nice though very dramatic

  3. Niiiice… Except, that I still recall that the Zulu’s torso still in one piece when he changes at the ReZELs…

    Now, if that was your unfinished version… I can’t wait to see the complete one then. And I have to agree with Zoidiect regarding the silver parts.

    Rezin: *grumbles*jikujion… -_-
    TK401: Alright, move it.

    • hahaha nice observation bd!
      compared to the original scene, my zulu is still missing the waist, right leg, and damaged left leg.

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