27 comments on “hi nu part 17

  1. nu color scheme is good, or maybe something close to grannyslayer’s color scheme also nice (black+white).

    I’m currently strife for OOB color for my Hi-nu.

    by the way, I’m moving to new site, hope you don’t mind to update my link in blogroll, thanks.

      • LOL sorry moe I misunderstood
        after reading kei’s comment I realized, you meant the detergent >.<

  2. Hmm so you are gonna give your hi nu a good wash prior to painting? haha!! Why not do a SRW style color like mazinger Z haha or Altisen colors ^^

    I was thinking the raised chest area might need some rivets by the side to give it a bit more detail since now its prominently standing out. 😀 just my 2 cents mate.

  3. Pretty sharp looking, give it some manly paint scheme, cause the stance reminded me Kenshiro minus the rifle. Cant wait for the WINGS!!

    Dear god, Char has been resurrected into a cleaning detergent in the present, WHY!!! Gawds *wages war*

    • YOU WA SHOCK!!!!!!
      hahahah kenshiro, hokuto musou, want to play that game but I don’t have console.

      LOL, let’s say char’s influence is now even in detergent industry 😀

  4. Nice! You are in some serious mod work there. Looking real good. You are pretty creative with your pla-plates.

    I want to see yoru finish product. Update again soon =)

    • thank you gundam guy!
      After this project, I think I’ll do straight build, that’s for my zulu ^^

  5. I have a question bro, after you put the epoxy to the kit, how long do you wait for the epoxy to dry so then you can shape them? and what tool do you use to shape those epoxy?

    • hm…depends on the mixture and weather as well.
      I usually wait for about 3 hours, then I start cutting the epoxy putty (with cutter), and sand it the next day.

  6. Your Hi-Nu looks so gawd awesome that no words can actually express its awesomeness (from me at least). ^^

    Fufufu, after Char lost to Amuro in CCA, he went back to Texas and made some business. XD

    • As for the colors, though you might have painted it by now, I think will look nicer with some colors from both the Hi-Nu and Nu. I like me some silver shininess~ *_* I don’t think yellow will fit it IMHO.

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