26 comments on “hi nu part 16

  1. I will have to disagree from the added knee armor, either I didn’t felt that hi-nu would need it, or maybe that its bulk and blockiness would ruin the legs aesthetics.


    • you have a point. Now I’m also thinking of how to find a good one or maybe remove it, and added small details instead. Really appreciate your suggestion bro, thx!!

      rifle, haha, I like it long ^^

  2. holy cr@p, love the panel lines on the funnels and shield! and the extra armor on the legs looks good, it adds to the intimidation factor? bigger guns and bigger armor lol

    incredible dude, HG to RG lol i wanna be able to SB like this ^^

    • ahahah, big guns big armor ^^
      I am still not sure for the extra armor, but plaplate is already glued there.

      extra panel lines, that I did without thinking, making the rest to look the same is hard >.<

    • air brush, still thinking about that, not sure where I can spray, coz now I spray without the house owner knowing, heheheh.

      geara zulu is already wip by now.

  3. Making identical modification for the funnels must be frustrating…if only we can copy-paste it just like in a computer LoL
    I think the knee armor is nice. It balance the complexity on the upper body 😀

  4. Hmm think I am with buster beam on this one, think adding the pla plates at the knees will make it less sleak 😀 Sometimes less is more ^^ But this is your kit, do what you fancy, you can even swap the head with a keroro haha!!

    • thx for the idea chubb! Will be decided in the next post, hahaha!
      kero head, nah, it’s for my rx 78 KRR custom 😀

  5. Nice work! Can’t wait to see the finished project. Makes me wish I had invested more time when I had the Hi-Nu. Didn’t even paint mine. Keep it up!

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