27 comments on “hi nu part 15

    • thx for the compliment ^^
      I hope it will be the best, hahahha

      but seeing those resin kit ones, really awesome…

  1. Hmm why did you have to saw the armor into half?

    But that is one scary cannon mate lol 😀 Nice trick using the bendable wire as the third handle!

    • coz the I accidentally sanded the frist one too much, really too much, so I decided to saw it off >.<

      yes bendable wire is nice, cheap too.

  2. Still dont get why you sawed half the shoulder armor,but if its the purpose of showing details then I approve.

    Im liking the 3rd movable handle, and a BFG can never have enough handles,well to be honest the limit is 6^^;;

    • explained to chubb, because I destroyed half of it when I was working with the other shoulder armor…. T_T
      but then exposed inner frame is also nice, got the idea from NGT factory.

  3. he is still looking bad ass! ahh sanding sessions XD sounds like a nightmare lol will you be going with a different color scheme?

    like the little functional handle on the cannon, great idea on the third handle. a giant weapon like that will require the extra grip lol keep up the amazing work!

    • thanks!
      will try a custom color, but still dunno what to do.

      the handle, actually I already glued it fixed before, but then a friend suggested I make it able to move, so I took the bazooka part from hinu for that.

    • hahaha, I have 78 g30 and zulu on queue now
      zulu will be fast I think, don;t plan to do any mods to it.

    • hahaa, happened to find the bendable wire, so I decided to give it try and it worked quite well.
      sanding is very important, have to do it patiently ^^

  4. woah the weapon to heavy try to make stand like hyaku shiki 😀

    add long cable for the bazooka *_* atach somewhere like evangelion lolz

    • haha, yes it’s big moe, but space gundam won’t have problem with weight I think ^^

      cables, yes, looking for a nice one right now, but not attached to the body.

  5. haha, you turn a small accident into a modification eh? very nice 😀
    the new handle in the back of the bazooka looks really nice too, it also more logical to carry a big weapon that way.

    • haha, luckily it was a small accident.
      ah yes, the handle has to be there. If not there is no way the MS can shoot the cannon properly when it’s 2 handed 😀

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