41 comments on “plaplate cutting

  1. ah.. nice advice..
    btw your mechanical pencil, ruler, even the cutter is the same with me.. (except mine is green for the pencil and yellow for the cutter orz)

    • ahahaha, I guess stationery stores in Indonesia sell the same products everywhere 😀

      My triangle ruler is butterfly brand, usually it’s rotring right ^^

  2. nice behind the scenes guide ^^ definitely takes tons of practice! i would say the hardest part is drawing out the shapes to the right size and measurements.
    im always amazed looking at your sheet of pla plate, because you cut out multiples of the same shape and each one is perfect Lol
    *bows before the master*

    • thank you for the kind compliment rocklee!

      ah yes, drawing the pattern and getting the right precise dimension take quite some time ^^

      for multiple parts, sometimes I draw several patterns, sometimes I draw just one, cut, and use that as a template.

    • ah yes, thickness does matter ^^
      but once you get used to it, I think 1mm is still okay, just that it’ll take more stamina to cut, hahaha

  3. Yuh, this is all about experience. Because I do the same exact method as you did, but the result is…well… disastrous (most of the time). I better practice,practice, and practice 😀
    What thickness is your plaplate?

    • haha yes, practiced cutting karton kuning during my univ days, sometimes we even used 1.5mm and 2mm greyboard 😀

      mine is 0.4mm

  4. Well you forgot to mention one more thing!! A generous amount of patient is required haha!!

    But this is a very good guide for those starting out on pla plate ^^ Wished you wrote this earlier so that I can use last time lol!!!

    • ah, correct, patience is indeed important ^^
      cut slowly will produce better result.

      btw how’s your seravee sword?

    • ah yes, that one 😀
      how come you know?

      Mine is self healing as you say, but if I keep using it for intense plaplate cutting, it wont last long I think.

    • Cutting mat is not a must.
      I used to cut on the floor before, tiles are anti scratch and bigger in terms of size compared to my cutting mat.

      but now the floor is parquet, impossible for me to do it the old way ^^

  5. I didn’t see the cutting board. I thought you were cutting those stuff on your floor. Gosh! I’d be heartache if that’s real. 😉

  6. I tell you, you have to use pink pencil and cutting mat if you want to be good at pla plate cutting 😀

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  8. This is super helpful, thanks. I’m going to link your site from mine, I hope that’s okay!

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