32 comments on “hi nu part 14

    • nearly finished bro, wish me luck so I can finish that quickly, haha!

      AXL is working super fast, and result is also good, wonder how he can work like that 😀

    • the eraser inside is rubber, I think it’ll look strange when painted. You know, the texture of eraser is like ‘bulu2’, cant get a smooth surface >.<

      but then maybe I can use a pla tube inside, nice idea bro!

  1. i laugh! i laugh at the ridiculousness of details in your SB! 😛 and that link to axl’s unicorn is zomg! …cant think of any ideas for the barrel at this moment, maybe you can use some of those ridges to your advantage lol

    • hahaha, thank you rocklee!
      yes I can make use of the holes, actually I’m searching for a plaplate with a stairs-like surface, so it’s bumpy. Plan to put it below.

  2. alon alon waton kelakon bro
    How about try hyaku shiki style for the long barrel but need stand lol

  3. Fwah…that cannon is a work of art itself!! Must personally come and photograph this beast when you are done 😀

    Btw the sale at toy n toy is over but I got something even moar awesome lol!! And it has something to do with rocklee XD

  4. The Body looks pretty sexy, theres so much complexity in the design compared to reg bazooka/cannon, especially the cylinder.

    Can I ask again if this is shell firing bazzoka or Mega Beam launcher. For Shell, I think the barrel there would be perfect just need to seal up the hole probably, or Beam, VF-27 Lucifer style, Split style cannon.

    • thank you ^^
      the barrel, hm…, yes I bought the right eraser for that, hahaha.

      it’s a beam weapon. Hm…split cannon…..if done correctly will look cool!

      • wow.. can you show us the step of cutting the pla plate??. or maybe describe it out.. i’m facing problem on cutting pla plate..

      • @zack
        hm….how should I say it…
        basically it’s simple.
        1. draw the pattern on plaplate
        2. get a ruler n cutter
        3. cut

        yeah I am sure you already know about that, but really, it’s just like that ^^

        Usually it takes me 3-4 strokes to get a good cut. But you need to get used to cutting to get a clean cut.

  5. Very nice work with the pla-plates! I haven’t got the skill to work with them and produce decent-looking things yet.

    BTW added you to my blogroll! Been missing out on the good stuff!

    • the longer the better, hahahaha 😀
      still dunno what to do with it bro, maybe just minor detailing.

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