27 comments on “hi nu part 13

    • yeah, this time koto MSG helps a lot ^^
      maybe next time I can just buy armored core weapon and mod a little, hahaha

  1. so you’re back already. my relatives have also returned to singapore 2 days ago.
    great progress, looks like it will be done soon.

    oh yeah, what’s your loots in Indonesia? 1,2, or 3? ^^

    • not sure if this will be done soon >.<
      loot, I didn't buy any in Indonesia, bought a geara zulu at HAG instead.

    • sure you can
      pratice makes perfect 😀

      thx! will add you as well, this weekend I’ll make some blogroll banners.

  2. Nicely done mr heathorn 😀
    I dunno about more details on the top (since I have no idea what the details should look like, haha) but I always go with the principle of “less is the new more”

    • tengkyu bro!
      wahahah, mies van der rohe 😀

      for the top, I only added plastic straps like the pics, no panel or plaplate.

    • thanks ^^
      barrel, umm…still blank, no idea how to add details
      and seems like work is starting to get busy >.<

  3. Argh!! Sweet add on for the koto parts man!! Loving this!!

    Mister heathorn you outdone yourself this time ^^ Actually M workshop also sells quite a fair bit of koto parts and even Armored core weapons as a stand alone 😀

    Sanding is the toughest part when it comes after all that putty!! hang in there!

    • thx bro 😀
      mister heathorn, why you and h4mster address me like that, hahaha

      yes, I got mine from M workshop, lots of choice there compared to HAG ^^

      uhuh sanding is tough, you still have to keep the surface flat and the edge sharp…

  4. that is so awesome, nice work on all the small details! its looks good and very pro, i dont know how you do it man lol if you wanted to add more it would depend on the design i think.

    mr heathorn! that shows a high level of respect my friend ^^

    • thx for the compliment rocklee! It’s done by magic! 😀
      hahaha, it’s my usual plaplate and plabeam cut and sand.

      mr heathorn, sounds mysterious…..

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