18 comments on “old gunplas

    • actually they are not in a good condition, the joints are 60% loose ^^

      Destiny hyper hybrid 3rd is nice. The wings effect is cool.

  1. yeah… the Destiny wing’s of light effect is better than the MG.. Awesome..
    It’s not a waste.. Because you did that kit, you become expert like now right? But if you didn’t did that kit, it would be different now..

  2. Wow, to know your last gundam before the Exia…you sure have a big jump on the progress there! I mean, your Exia has both incredible mods and finishing 😀

    • thx bro!
      Exia was done when I was really free, so much free time while waiting for graduation ceremony. Hahaha!

  3. *Looks at astray then looks at astrea

    Wait this can’t be right!!! The difference is huge!!! Talk about dedication man 😀 Great to see your olds kits being kept in such a nice condition!! (mine all in one big bag lol…)

    I also noticed a few evangelion figures and lots of designer toys for the last picture!! Nice!! I remember seeing those designer toys on leon’s blog before ^^

    • it’s exia chubb 😀
      haha thx man! I started gunpla seriously after lurking in a gundam local forum. Learned A LOT from there.

      The eva figures are my bro’s, so are the ci-boys. Ci-boys are cute, kinda like ugly dolls

    • haha, not really advancing that much bro
      I learned from a local forum, and also ebasenet and plamooutthere.

      When I was building exia, I just cut the parts first, no turning back, so I had to think of the solution, hahaha

  4. Somehow your old gunpla still remains. Mine are totally destructed by my younger brother years ago lol.

    I like the Adam beside the Freedom and Destiny 😀

    • Yes I stored my old gunplas inside a box, but some parts are also missing.

      the lilith dio is my bro’s, he made the backdrop and the NERV text.

  5. I don’t know, they look alright to me. ^^
    As long as you were satisfied at that time, it doesn’t really matter how it looks now (they look fine, really). It gives experience points! =D

    Ah, the Hyper Hybrid Destiny. Real beautiful *_*

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