23 comments on “hi nu part 12

  1. KOSMOS with the F-cking 3 barreled Gattlers each :Saliva flood: And theres still Macross musume Klain.

    Puttying process kinda confused me, like how do you get even surfaces by just cutting excess putty, and though the black thing was magnet instead^^;

    • yes kosmos is a must get! Hope she is not a limited release.

      Sorry for the lack of explanation. On the pics where I show the putty and cutter, yes it’s only cut using a cutter, without sanding.

      But for the second time putty (where I fixed the flaw), I cut and sanded the parts.

      All the surface on the photos you see have not gone through sanding, except the small parts I fixed ^^

  2. half asleep and cutting with knife can be dangerous combination Lol but very solid construction with nice details!

    im seriously gonna go broke too with all these new figure announcements XD the want list just extendededed

  3. Haha man, seeing you cut putty reminds me of myself slicing butter in the morning 😀 But thats a really nice and solid way of getting that shape!!! Looks really good XD

    Lol….looks like all the companies are catering for the western markets this time round..look at aliens…lol micheal jackson ….100th 😀 I love the variety that they are coming out this year!!

    Tough times for our wallets indeed. By the way Happy CNY in advance man 😀

    • Thank you for the compliment chubb!

      uguuuu, I never eat bread + butter anymore for breakfast
      usually I grab a bread at the nearest bakery and eat at office 😀

      Mickey is not so surprising, but MJ is really a shock!

      Happy CNY to you too! 😀

    • tararengkyu bro!
      Not really a plaplate expert, but I do often SB things with plaplate hahaha.

      Yeah maybe I should write a tuto. But actually the basics are quite simple, just cut and glue, hahahahaha

    • Yeah, this time is thriller version. I hope there will be smooth criminal version, or even billie jean version!

      haha thx man!

    • thank you bro 😀
      yes, haven’t been back for CNY for years. During my university days, I never had the chance to go back, national holiday for CNY is only one day….

  4. regarding putty..apart from tamiyas, what are the other brands of putty that are good for gunpla?

    i found lots of type of putty(the resin and hardener type, and green putty that only need to be kneaded without water to be use)

    what type of putty that is highly recommended(besides Tamiya)?

    • If you are talking about ‘putty’, I use tamiya putty, already 1 year but still got plenty inside the tube. Coz I use putty only for sealing small gaps.

      But if you are talking about ‘epoxy putty’ that I use for this SB, mainly to cover large holes and gaps, I am using ALTECO epoxy putty. This also comes with 2 tubes, resin and hardener.

      I never use tamiya or any other brand, so cannot really give much info, sorry >.<. but this one is easy to handle. Each tube is about 9cm in length, 2cm diameter.

      What's the name of the green putty you mentioned? Seems very nice, don't need water to knead.

      • well i didn’t remember the name…but it come in cylindrical shape of 10 cm long and 3 cm diameter…it is in green color and will turn into white after being kneaded….the instruction says the we just only need to knead it without adding anything…

        about the 2 tube epoxy putty, are they really good and do the job really well?

        just asking^^

      • well, I have no experience with other brand. Have been using Alteco epo putty from the start, so I can;t really compare it to the others. But for me it works just fine. Price is cheap too ^^

  5. The picture really talks a lot 😀
    I got a question, how long does it take from applying the putty until taking off the asking tape? I once do the same thing but the putty also gets peeled off

    • Hmmm…..actually I don’t remember, but I think it’s around 3 hours or so. I don’t want to wait until the putty fully cures, coz it’ll be super hard to trim.

      But, I think it also depends on your ‘adonan’, different adonan will result in different curing speed ^^

      Also, before I peel of the masking tape, I also cut the epo putty first at some certain places, I mean like I separated the wanted epo putty and unwanted epoputty. So later when I peel, the masking will be removed together with the unwanted epo putty.

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