29 comments on “hi nu part 11

  1. Haha trying out a bit of photoscape editing hehe 😀 Man I love the gun!! Just ignore all practical issues and mount it…its giving me the full armored ZZ vibes 😀

    Plus the Hi Nu will be able to hold it up with its on the shoulders 😀

    MG Rx78!! 1/1 scale!!! Haha I loved this movie especially this part….I so want that liquid to use on my Kshatriya buahahah!!!

    • I used photoshop chub ^^ I think photoshop and photoscape share several same image filters.

      Yeah reminds me of ZZ too, ahaha. Luckily the design turned out OK, so it can fit to the shoulder shape.

      1/1 kshatriya!! paint it red and give it to giroro 😀

      • Oh red Kshatriya….Char wants it badly XD!!!

        Ah photoshop!! Will be on my list of things I want to try out one day!!! Layers is a whole new different thing which I can use for figure stories 🙂

        I remember there was this EX S gundam sentinal where he swapped the legs for boosters instead. Very close resemblance if the hi nu’s legs were changed XD!

  2. having it shoulder mounted looks sweeeet! yea add two handles and cover all the bases lol small changes make a big difference.

    keroro movie 3! i forgot all about it, cant wait to watch the whole thing, RX78 goodness ^^

  3. Remember how serave uses its bazooka in 3 types of position, it didn’t seem to suffer much recoil except for both bazooka combined, then again, it relies GN(haxdrives to defy gravity. First position would look good if Hi-nu is in the ground,as the same pose is used by Gundam ground type.

    • GN particle can solve everything, hahaha!
      Especially seravee is a bulky gundam, so big weapons is still suitable IMO.

  4. well, seravee got the large face to withstand the recoil and the GN-Drive for seravee is for producing large amount of particles in short time (i’m making specialization for GN-drive to match the twin drive theory)
    exia and O drives is for normal output (this provide the best match for twin drive)
    dynames/cherudim drive= particle compressed greatly to achieve great distance before the particles separate/burst
    arios=particles high in kinetic energy for great propulsion

    my assumption only…do tell me if there’s a better GN theories ^^

  5. Nice pose! 😀
    bazooka on the shoulder -> looks good for me..
    u just need to think for an excuse to counter the recoil.. lol

    • eisub is here!! Glad to have you here bro.
      haha, just think of an excuse to bluff…..mind giving me ideas?

  6. forget the logic..
    we always can adjust and think the reason later hahahaha..
    I prefer the 2nd option.. Well if you put in logical way.. It’s easier for the pilot to aim.. (if your hi-nu OS not using the latest auto-aim update software.. hahaha..) and about the recoil effect, actually your tail booster and additional stabilizer already solve that problem..

    • If I’m not mistaken, OOB is building a kit without modification.
      You remove seamlines, you paint, but it’s according to the original version, the result will be like what you see on the instruction booklet.

  7. hahahah they should paint the RX-78-2 Green colour since it is pilot by Keroro.

    maybe you can get pink / green eraaser for the beam effect too 😀

    • No, keroro will be angry, gundam must be gundam ^^
      beam effect…..is there any brand selling those? I mean like koto selling MSG.

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