41 comments on “1/100 Exia WIP

  1. Yeah… I saw your finished product there hehe.. but if I’m not mistaken, you didn’t put the WIP progress right? or was it?
    btw heathorn do you have a Deviantart ID? I only found vixion there.. (sorry a bit of topics)

  2. I remember now, your WIPs was what made me really come to DC.com very often.

    Also what inspired me to take up gunpla building as a hobby, heck my first gunpla was a 1/100 Astraea reminiscent of this gunpla that you made.

    ZOMG.. Can’t believe it xD

    • Haha, thank you man! I am really honoured πŸ˜€
      This exia is also what made me take gunpla as hobby seriously.

      Yeah, your astraea, I still remember you posted on DC also rite ^^
      we love astraea.

      • Heck I also remember it was after buying Astraea that got me back into watching Gundam 00 then dove off to the rest of the UC ones. O__O

        Lol yeah.. Was really liking what you did that I got it ;D

    • this.

      hahahaha, I did many research for exia mods bro. That time exia is really popular, and some people actually did amazing mods for exia. I learned a lot from gmrevo’s and erick’s exia.

  3. insanely awesome modding there! so you were a pro right off the start eh? lol πŸ˜› major difference and one of the best 1/100 Exia ive seen.
    nice work with the joints, thats one area im afraid to tackle. what did you use to cut the them and knee armor?

    • Haha, I just learned the tricks from gmrevo and erick93. They provided really useful WIP. It’s thx to them I can make this exia like this ^^

      I cut the joint with a saw, not a modeling saw, a regular mini saw you can find at hardware stores. But it’s not recommended, although the name is mini saw, the blade is pretty big, so I ended up cutting to much, hahah

  4. Wah brother…your first serious mod and its already this good..dammit lol you are haxxor when its come to modding πŸ˜€ These WIPs are fantastic for us to learn hehe.

    Btw what do you used to glue the rubber parts to the plastic parts? Will normal super glue work? And also what do you recommend for extending the necks for 1/144 kits cos most of the 1/144 kits’ neck are made of rubber? thanks in advance πŸ˜€

    • Actually second mod, but yes it’s my first serious build.
      Glad that my WIP is useful ^^

      To glue rubber parts to plastic parts, I used epoxy glue, up till now no prob. I never tried super glue for rubber, afraid that the rubber will become hard, you should try and share the exp chub, haha πŸ˜€

      hm….if neck is made of rubber, may be can still glue the rubber to plastic, I never tried this before though ^^

  5. Wow, the pla-plates really make the difference.
    And at the last, it’s Astraea’s color scheme, far far better than original Exia.
    That’s what modding is all about right ^^

    but I’m still suck at even lining…

    • Actually not much plaplate on exia if compared to vlag.
      Basically I modded the joints to get a better proportion ^^

      Cmon bro, try to do your mod too, it’s fun!

  6. The finished model is very nice. All the steps are just too complicated for me. Darn, I need time to digest man…
    As always, another pro one from ya. How long do you take to complete this?

    • Thank you! ^^
      It took me 4 months. I did it while waiting for graduation ceremony, so it’s a productive 4 months.

  7. Amazing work! (and it was your first serious work!)I like what you did with the torso, made the Exia much more articulated than even the MG (or maybe too articulated?).The finished product looks really nice – the Exia’s standing pose looks awesome! ^^

    • Thx man!
      The torso, I tried to copy how gmrevo and erick modded theirs, but this is the best I can do, hahaha.

      Yeah me like standing pose, modded the pelvis and waist to do the revoltech-style standing pose πŸ˜€

      I see you also blog about gundam, will add you to my links!

  8. *_* cool exia X astarea *_*
    this what I called pro work published their wip after finished and make the others amazed after πŸ˜€ and noone disturb you with your WIP

  9. wow… this is awesome.. love how u did the color scheme.. and the mod is great XD… ^^ I might ninja copy ur skillz just now lolol (jk) nice trick and I learn alot for my modding skillz ^^ thanks!!

  10. glad that the suggestion helped. The head mod is really well-done, Exia looked much more menacing after the mod. Very insightful WIP, especially the waistt mod, it will come in handy in future.

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