28 comments on “hi nu part 9

  1. Fwah…that is one huge ass rifle man!!! Lol, can’t wait to see the live version ^^

    Wow, ver ed commented…you are reaching godlike scratch building skills already man haha! congrats 😀

    *chubbs back to copy notes on hinu scratch build process…

    • thank you chubb 😀
      hahaha, still far far away from godlike. Still need much to do for the bazooka, I’m thinking of using the magnets again.

    • actually the wings are 75% done, I won’t change the wings anymore, will only add more details.

      ahaaha yes indeed transparent, if I make it solid, it’s too heavy.
      after priming you wont see the see-through effect anymore 😀

  2. Look at that!!!!!
    How could I stop calling you master of gunpla man!
    Even chubby said you godlike, just one more step to beyond godlike. 😉

    Great stuff!!

    • that’s the challange ^^
      Try first, and the solution should follow. For now, I am planning to do some parts hollow and some parts solid. Plus some magnet tricks. Hope it works 😀

      seems like the 3d visual is misleading, I won’t make the bazooka that big.

    • aha! thank you so much! I’ll try to leave a message.
      hope the bazooka will turn out good, haha, haven’t even started.

  3. Suggestion #1: a nice concept.. I hope this is the last weapon for your new hi-nu hehehe.. Hyper Mega Bazooka usually a beam-type bazooka, so I think if you want to make a difference, how about making the handle inside the bazooka? (I mean, an armed type weapon.. “tangannya masuk di dalam hehehe..” ~ I hope you get what I mean ^^;),


    suggestion #2: how about your pack weapon system, why not adding additional weapon system (long-range bazooka weapon system) by creating a new backpack consist of a fuel charge and an energy cable attached to the bazooka (something like gunner zaku warrior backpack)..

    • jreng jreng jreng!! mantap nih!
      Thx so much for the suggestions 😀

      Yes this is the last weaponry, since I plan to make it like strike gundam weapon system.

      for ‘tangan masuk ke dalam’….hmmm….will look like cobra or kujiranami 😀
      Will give it some thinking bro!

      for backpack, >.< actually I'm lazy to make another one, well, that depends on the progress later. Your idea is nice, and I happen to have a tube from my eva model kit, perfect to act as the energy tube.


      • hahaha.. you make me blush.. :3
        again.. a rookie idea isn’t work if the actual modeler doesn’t fit with the idea..

        no prob for me, just give you some of my “thought”.. If it’s not suitable feel free to discard it.. ^_^, well I didn’t get about the cobra or kujiranami things but it seems that you got the idea hahaha.. (just feelings >.<)

      • why blush? Eke terlalu ganteng ya? 😀
        cobra is the space pirate cobra, the blonde guy with a laser gun as his left hand. And kujiranami is one of rurouni kenshin’s villain, also got a big gun as a hand.

        thx to you now I’m sketching a backpack n energy cable 😀

      • Ah I see what you mean.. Almost the same with what I mean..
        It seems like another burden to you hahaha..

        but after some thought about it, a backpack and energy cable is a preferable choice with that massive energy bazooka..
        Now when I think about it, hi-nu power output will quickly empty as long he uses the funnels and the bazooka at the same time, therefore an extra energy tube will do it..

      • thx again mafty!
        And hey, it’s not a burden I tell you. You gave me suggestions, how come you call it burden 😀

    • Will use both 😀
      Rifle –> aile strike
      Bazooka –> launcher strike

      thx man, additional tail binder to balance the funnels turned out ok.

  4. As h4mster said, nice tail. The overall design is really good. But I think the bazooka might spoil the overall balance though, maybe half the size in the pic will look better

    • thx!
      big bazooka is big! Hahahah, will surely have balance problem if I make it that huge. For now it’s about the same height as a standing hguc hinu.

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