19 comments on “1/144 astray red frame

  1. Haha awesome man 😀 Really a big difference from your Vlag ^^ But then there is always that signature uber bad ass pose!! It was a pleasure meeting you and Bmecha today. Looking forward to a combined photoshoot with our figures next time!

    • Hahaha, I did this before I lurked in any gunpla forums. So the methods were all forbidden ones LOL

      maybe next time I should bring my RAH rei, but she’s too big, and I will look like a pervert carrying her around 😀

  2. for your first mod that is pretty awesome! even now i cant beat your cutting compared to this lol you got some nice coverage coloring with zebra marker.

    my first mod was cutting up my 1/144 WZC with a hobby knife for battle damage years ago, does that count as mod? XD

    • Yes, I used zebra black and gold for coloring. Now this kit is in my hometown, inside a glass cabinet 😀
      Haha, your first was a battle damage, very rocklee style!

  3. I remembered this is already very long time ago right? I remembered you posted it at DC.com.
    I really like the kind of blitz weapon.. a multipurpose weapon, but not many MS has it..

  4. That’s a piece of interesting mod work there. It’d be better if I could have a bigger/larger photo of the modded model for viewing. The last photo is kinda blurred on my screen and the first one is kinda small too.

    Also, Ah Mei’s prata is nice!

    • Those are the only photos I have for this kit >.< It's now in my hometown, so I couldn't take more photos.
      It's like 5 – 6 years ago, my first time touching a digicam, it's my bro's, so pls pardon the blurry pics. Hahaha.

  5. How many years has it been since you first mod your gundam? I see you have progressed soooo far from that point 😀

    My first gundam was an OOB, but my first mod is virtue (which is still abandoned until now 😦 ).

    • Ahaha, this one was my first, I think I built this when I was a second grader at high school, around 6 years ago. And then I had a long break for gunpla until my exia in 2008.
      Exia was second, vlag third. And now hinu is my 4th 😀

    • not plaplate. That time I haven’t started to browse gunpla forum. It’s a pencil case.

      And plaplate never comes with printed pattern like that bro 😀

      ah yes, it’s actually 1/144 red frame. But I used zebra marker to turn it black. You lazy to read the explanation aren’t you. Hahahaha.

  6. Congrats on your first mod, It looks awesome with the mod weapon on left hand!

    Take more close up shots of your Astray :D! It deserve more coverage 😛

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