24 comments on “Mecha parody

  1. so Gendo was trying to live through Shinji after all? XD LMAO lulu bankai is hilarious, it should be little geass though! and a Unicorn moe moe kyun to end the post lol thanks for sharing, funny stuff ^^

  2. Oh my god….getter eva teamu!!!! Hahah…man all the pictures had me cracking!!! And if the eva team consisted of these 3 I think the Angels will die laughing!!

    Wing gundam sailormoon…..omg they look kinda good in a way haha!!!Fantastic post mate!!

  3. omg.. CHANGE EVA 01! SWITCH ON!
    gendou looks good on that outfit *vomit*
    love the sailormoon also.. my god.. what have they done to heero cs? *relena vomitted*

    • That’s the initial pilot suit design for the Wing boys.
      Now we know why they always pilot the gundams without any suits on.

  4. LOL at Evagetterion and the ashura bank note, bet that you could buy ashura gundans with that. The problem is, where do they sell those guys ?

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