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  1. dual swords is a plus for me. just from looking at your sword post i like how you had it mounted to the side. how about testing out the swords mount if its in the center of the back, one on either side of that center fin. just a suggestion on appearance. also if you mount the swords separate on the back that should counter the direction of the funnels?

    can the main section holding the funnels be rotated or folded back?

    • My plan is, is I use swords, it’s like another type of hinu. So funnels have to be detached if I attach the sword.

      Like aile and sword strike system. Aile strike is equipped with flight pack, while sword is equipped for melee. Only one equipment for each type.

      The backpack can fold, but cannot be rotated.

  2. My suggestion is similar to rockleelotus, but instead I’ll do it like destiny gundam ^^ One sword and one rifle at the back. Then again you will have to scratch build a sword/rilfe holder at the back. Melee is nice but Hi Nu is more of a shooter imo 😀

    Then again, gunpla should be all about creativity so haha, break the that image of hi nu being a shooter 😀

  3. yeah big swords sound nice actually I don’t like funnel wanna turn the funnel like 00 Q-ant
    ps make more hand to defeat serrave 10 sword and 00 7 swords XD
    Hi nu gundam 13 sword XDDDD I love sword as long not milking XD

  4. well for your 2nd worries (cause you have already the answer right? hehehe..) as for me, your stabilizer already balanced your funnel.. (well that’s the main function of a stabilizer after all)

    and for your 1st worries.. I like something that symmetrical so I prefer a dual sword.. and I think it can be docked at the side of the funnel pack facing downward (similar with the stabilizer, you can say it’s also act as a “counter”), but maybe it will looks a bit messy..
    What about put it in it’s waist like a katana? Well actually this thing main ‘image’ for me is it’s funnel backpack..

    • Actually I think the two pods at the rear serve as battery. But then just as you said, it kinda stabilizes my new funnel design ^^.

      For the sword, I won’t attach the sword and the funnels at the same time (you’re right it will surely look messy). It is either funnels, or swords.

  5. @rocklee, chubby, moe2, mafty
    thx for your ideas and opinion!
    Seems like you guys changed my decision to scrap the sword 😀
    Now I am wondering what I should do, ahahahahah.

    • no prob.. That’s what I feared.. You will think to scrap the sword.. Actually I think if you don’t see fit in your hi-nu, they can still be used for the next mod right?
      Personally for me: funnel, beam rifle, and 2 beam sabers is enough for a MS to be produced. Well said 2 excalibur type sword, beam rifle, and 2 beam sabers too is enough for a MS to be produced.. (backpack idea seems nice..)

      • Well you can still build both and have it as optional equipment which the hi nu can switch around depending on situation just like strike gundam 😀 Sword strike hi hu, Full Funnel Hi Nu ^^.

      • Well…I ‘was’ thinking to scrap the sword when I posted this. But now seems like you guys influenced me to keep it.

      • @chubby
        that’s it! that’s what I meant by hinu weapon system on my previous post 😀

  6. I too agree with what others has mentioned as well, making them into separate weapon systems.

    Because at the moment, the funnels are the focus of the unit, if you add in dual swords to the picture, the focus will be lost. So it would be ideal to have one primary/(huge) weapon, otherwise the unit itself would also loses the focus. An example would be Wing/Zero Gundam, best remembered for its beam rifle. Likewise for Z, noted for its mega beam launcher. Hope you get the picture of what I trying to say. ^^ since I cannot think of how to rephrase them in a more succint manner.

    • thank you 😀
      I think I get what you mean. Initially, the sword is for ‘sword system’, since I plan to make something like strike gundam weapon system. Only 1 weapon will be installed on each system. Is that right? 😀

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