28 comments on “Hi Nu Part 8

  1. wow the riffle looks so awesome now bro ^0^
    ps I never think that kind of scissors can cut a plaplate 😛

  2. that.. is.. so.. frickin.. amazing! 😀 the new design is solid man, but the one thing i liked about the first one is the fins that stuck out at the back. the rigle is looking awesome, keep it up! ^^

  3. Man another amazing work from you 😀 You are giving those resin kits a run for their money ^^

    Solid dedication and even more solid cutting!!! Nice tip on using the masking tape to hide areas that you don’t want the putty to land on. And your WIPs is very insightful for scratch building!

    Learn a lot today man ^^

    • Thx! 😀
      We are all still in learning process, sharing knowledge will be the best, I’m glad I can give a little help here ^^
      I don’t think I can make parts like those resin recast ones, it’s super highly detailed.

      Yes I always mask the parts so that the epo putty will cover the gaps only.

  4. well actually it’s looking good..
    it;s not ugly.. maybe it’s a little strange..
    maybe the rifle proportion..
    look at it’s hand.. I think the rifle handle supposedly more forward than that, uhmm.. maybe you can extend the back side.. Sinanju rifle proportion I think is good enough.. or maybe GN-X long rifle..

    • Thx for the masukan bro 😀
      Hm…..now the handle is default from Bandai, maybe I should think of how to shift the handle? Coz extending the back side will most likely result in the rifle hitting the elbow XD

      ahahah you gave me a homework….

    • wah.. masukan newbie gini hahaha..
      Actually after I take a look a bit more.. Your rifle seems proportional enough.. I think it’s because of your angle at taking photo and maybe it black part in front of it’s barrel, it seems like a long rifle to me..
      Actually it’s a normal rifle right?

  5. hahaha masukan newbie gini kyknya gak ngeffect deh hahaha..

    Yeah.. You’re right.. hitting the elbow mean articulation limitation.. Gak kepikir sampe sana sih hahaha…
    hmm.. now that I look over it again.. I think it’s still okay..
    Cause yours is not a long rifle but more or like a standard rifle.. The black parts at the barrel makes me think it’s a long rifle.. my bad.. haha..

    • It’s always welcome to give comments bro 😀
      Newbie or not, everyone can judge, even though a person who has never touched a gunpla can tell “this is good” or “this is no good”.
      As long as “saran dan kritik ny membangun”, just like your comment, I really appreciate ^^

      But I do hate people who flame XD

  6. Wow!!! heathorn!!!

    Darn, I’m speechless. Are you master of gunpla or something? I’ve bookmark your blog. I’m going to start from your part 1 and see them one by one. Seems like you are offering lots of tips and tricks here. Gosh! Now I feel so small. *LOL*

    Keep up the good work!!

    • *blush* Ahahah, no, no, I’m not a master of course.
      Still need lots of learning 😀

      But I am always glad to share tips on modeling to you guys.

  7. looks nice from here bro:D the newer version is much better since it kinda fills up the empty space between the hand 😀
    do you use that scissors in the fifth picture to cut the plaplates?

  8. d3dx_33 link right dlx.caiman.us/dlx/d3dx9_33.zip
    to fix the d3dx9_33 error
    just unzip inside the game folder and done for touhou scarlet weather rapsody

    • No worries bro 🙂
      Test fit is always helping me to predict things like that. Shoulder and elbow joints are OK, but wrist joint is not strong enough.
      That’s why you see all the frame inside my mod instead of all solid plaplate. And the handle design is like clamping the arm so it poses no prob to the wrist joint anymore.

      Great observation from you! 😀

  9. Regarding the gunplasg, you do not need any credit card, it is cash on delivery^^ I do not have a credit card lol, so if they use credit cards, i won’t be able to pay.
    Cash on delivery FTW!

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