22 comments on “hen.shin.

    • Aha! Nice idea!
      But Ink cannot do the henshin pose, she can only use the lolipop to henshin. Maybe next time will make story about that 😀

  1. henshin!! lol so cute, love the henshin pose! so Drossel is Kamen Rider White? 😛

    i still havent watched black, i started with black rx first ^^;; almost done with it.

  2. just put pastel ink head to drossel body then ! when she henshin change the head with drossel’s tadaaaa henshin perfect XDD

  3. Haha love the poses dude!! Looks like you are getting lots out of your nendo!!! Man better start working on mine!! Busy with wedding stuff, wips and life in general argh!!!

    I think I’ll be seeing mask rider kicks in your future stories 😀 Maybe she might test that kicking on ice bat and ox haha!!

    • Maybe next story will be the story of Ink becoming a kamen rider 😀
      I also haven’t played with all the accessories, today got home really late, don’t feel like doing any gunpla or nendo anymore.

  4. again.. nendoroid.. drool..
    really want a nendo, but consider the price and an addiction side effect after that, gotta pass it.. sniff..
    my wallet is now full of gunpla and games..

  5. oww man, another nendo drossel poison! bloging is killing me!

    The balance is quite good! I though with that big head she won’t survive without her nendo stand!

    • Last time I watched Black series was when I was still in university. It’s being re-aired on TV. And whenever I had time, I’ll go to my friend’s room to watch 😀

  6. OMG it is kamen rider black! The first kamen rider I watched on TV (malay dub somemore =___=). I used to video record it back then

    Consider making a black red version of drossel? 😀

    • Wow, we have the same habbit of recording Black to VHS!!
      For nendo drossel, I will leave it like that, dare not do anything strange to ojousama…

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