34 comments on “another sword SB part 2

  1. nice bro double bladed naginata ^_^
    what kind of pla plate do you use ?? tamiya??
    I saw rei ayanami is that RAH or PVC ??
    ps anyway you are right the toy store is multitoys(i even e-mail my sister because I visited her at that time ^^;;)

    • ahahah, so it’s called double bladed naginata?

      I use local brand plaplate (bought in Indonesia), it costs 1/2 tamiya’s price with almost 2x tamiya’s size.

      Yes it’s Rei, RAH rei from evangelion 2.0

      Lol you even emailed your sis to make sure? Multitoys, brings back memories, I often visited for window shopping on weekends. It’s next to Gramedia, my 2 fave places.

      • well I just know there is store called multi from magz lol
        I visited my sis in Bandung and went there ^^;;
        wow RAH rei must be cost around 17000 yen T_T

  2. Another solid work mate lol. Your last picture reminds me of my SD Sangokuden swords for some reason ^^ Maybe time to start do a 1/144 musha gundam 😀

    Ah Toymaker’s works ^^ It is one of those works that I keep looking at when I am at HAG. Still impressive looking even after all these years!

    • Yes it’s like sangokuden ^^
      I am starting to like the naginata mode now, maybe will try to mod the connector so I can switch mode between sword and naginata 😀

    • Hobbyjapan magazine + Xn raiser for 20sgd.
      XN raiser is brand new, the parts are still on the runners and wrapped unopened inside the plastic.

      • @gundamismyhobby
        Yes he is in SG. Will contact him and maybe you guys can meet on Monday. I’ll send an email to you.

        Forgot to tell you, the box for XN raiser is opened, but the parts are still unopened 😀 Is that okay?

  3. oh yeah you said multitoys next to gramedia! the only multitoys that I know near gramedia is in bandung do you lived there ? ^^;;

    • Yup, you said your sis is in Bandung right. I attended my university in Bandung. Actually they have several outlets, but the biggest one is that one.

  4. @heathorn
    is that one = Istana plaza ?? I only know that one my sis just move to bandung this 3 years after getting married LOL

    • Yes, it’s the one at IP. I remember they also open a branch at BTC.
      Oh your sis moved there after marriage, so when will you get married? hahahah

  5. LOL my sister is 12 years older than me !!! and my big bro is 8 years older too I am the youngest child >_<;;and you reminds me I never have a GF
    ask chubby about that he will get married next febuary(that's what ren said) and when you will get married ^0^ ???

  6. i prefer a dual wielded sword rather than a Naginata 😀 That’s only in my opinion though, hehe, and probably I could change my mind when I see the completed form
    The sword is so much meaner looking than Exia. Cool!

  7. @h4mster and Marzz
    thx for the input. Noted, now trying to make it possible to change from sword mode to guan dao mode.

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