20 comments on “another sword SB part 1

  1. Dude…I am so copying this blade…man your scratch building skill is (my entire nendo and ugly dolls are on their knees kowtowing to you now!!!) If we are gonna judge keyblades your is a winner…the sketching is omg….plus the cutting. I love the tip on using the template instead of a piece. Will use that next time!

    And so many blades lol….unlimited Hi Nu blade works!!!

    • I am flattered, glad you like my sketch ^_^. What I got from university is now used for gunpla, lol.
      It’s just for 1 sword, I need several templates to cut the small parts.

      And pls tell your uglies and nendos, if they want to see it, they can come and stay here in my room, mwahahahahahah >.<

    • Thx rocklee!
      No I am not that freak to SB 7 swords ^_^
      For now I only plan to make 2 swords. It’s just the templates, I need several to make different parts of the sword.

      For the design, it’s actually from XN raiser. Tweak here and there and I got my version ^^

  2. Oh btw the way what is the thickness of the pla plate you are using here. It must be quite thin to be able for you to cut with such precision and sharpness!!!

    Hehe I think you can keep that template ^^ I’ll trade a wedgehead for that haha (wedgehead looking a chubbs nnoo!!!!)

    For the keyblade feel free to use anything that you fancy 😀 Sprues, plaplates…

    • I use 0.4mm.
      You’re right, thick plate is hard to cut it hurts my fingers 😀

      Wedgehead? WANT!!
      for keyblade, will see if I can join or not ^^

  3. You are an awesome scratch builder dude! Your swords look fantastic as always….. Wished i could do the same…… Btw, i have linked ur blog^^

  4. i’m bored!!! make it longer! and thinner! change the style!! LOL. but if you said that’s your style i wont say any further, hehehe.. its like forcing eichiro oda into obata’s style, hahaha. anywei good job there.. btw i’m sellin my xn, still dont want to change your mind? XD

    • ahahahah, yes, I need a certain SB style for my identity 😀
      For XN, I don’t think I need that, at least for now. I have all the magnets installed on the backpack, extra connectors are not necessary.
      Maybe you can ask people here whether they want a XN raiser.

  5. Broo.. bleh saya copy pedanganya??
    Sama sxan tanya,, cra potong pla plate biar lurus gmn yaa?? Pdhal udh pke penggaris besi.. Tapi ttep ga mw lurus -,-

    • Hi,
      silakan pake aj pola ny 🙂

      klo udah dipotong pake bantuan penggaris mestiny hasilny lurus loh
      maksudny gmn y?

      • Okee sippp tengkyuu..

        Mksudnya.. Kan udh D potong pake penggaris.. Tapi potongan nya itu ga mw lurus.. Malah cembung/cekung gtu hasilnya..
        Apa krna kurang latihan aja yaa motongnya 😀

      • hm….klo itu kyny cuma kurang biasa motong aj sih
        bs jg klo coba motong terlalu tipis, dgn plaplate yg jg tipis
        misal plaplate tebal 3mm, dipotong selebar 1-2mm doank, itu cenderung ngelengkung

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