19 comments on “Ondeh ondeh

  1. Ugly Powarr!!! lol radioactive oneh oneh!!

    This is damn funny dude, had a great read and laugh ^^ Man regretted not getting the glow in the dark version!!! time to pay play imaginative a visit. That glow in the dark is very nice. Imagine you have 2 to 3 of em in your room at night lol 😀 Wished they release glow in the dark version for the rest!!

    No wonder drossel is so powerful, she eats radioactive oneh oneh!!

    • Thx to your uglydoll poison, inspired by your ugly doll story ^^
      The glow is nice, but it fades quickly, so I need to bring my desk lamp near ice bat, leave it for a while, turn off the lamp, and quickly take some photos.

      hm…drossel eats ondeh2…can’t imagine, give her a mouth and she will look like venus ace (currently is aphrodite) ^_^

  2. LOL hilarious story! a little radioactive surprise, ugly powaa!! seems like a nice night light, hope i can get one in the future.

    nice angle with Drossel picking up the radioactive item ^_~ hehehe

    • Actually the radioactive idea is from your comments about radioactive pink ox.
      Yes the glow is nice, but you can’t use it as a lamp, it fades very quickly.

      Talking about drossel, my drossel has a litle problem, the left twin tail comes off easily, how’s yours?

      • hmm seems like Drossel usually has one loose twin tail. i think the left one on mine was a bit loose too but it doesnt come off easily. ive heard applying a layer of nail polish on the joint can help tighten the hold.

        i rarely use the twin tails so it doesnt bug me much, i like the visor ^^

  3. man you poisoned me even more with your ugly dolls >_<
    where is iluma exactly I will ask my sister when she go to SG next month ??

    • lol, we will have chubby pay for this ^^
      Iluma is at Bugis, you exit the MRT, head to Bugis Junction. Iluma is on the opposite. It’s a building with many many lighted hexagons secondary skin.

  4. @ heathorn and moemoekyun hahahaha!!! Ugly Powarrr!!! Fall to the ugliness of ugly dolls!!! Resistance is futile, open ya wallets!!!
    If your sister is heading there I can show her around the area. Syful was here this year I also brought him around 😀 Bugis area has quite a few interesting shops ^^

    • Nooooooooo….!!!!!!!!
      your ugly power got me when I read your mini story (wedgehead and ice bat encounter tieren).

      careful, chubby wants to poison your sister as well, beware!!

  5. it’s been a long time since I ate my last klepon…
    bro, do you know that there is this phosphorous paint that glows in the dark, I really eager to find it and paint my gundam with that! well at least paint some details with those glow in the dark color would be nice 😀

    • When I was in university, I know this paint called ‘asturo’, we used it to paint trash bin (waktu ospek sih, jd aneh2 kerjaannya). It comes in many colors, and if I’m not mistaken, there is a glow in the dark green color.

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