13 comments on “hi nu part.7

  1. Fwah for a moment I thought you started on a resin kit instead! lol…man what is with you and your posing, you seem to have a talent for uber katoki style poses (It just looks good standing there!)

    I better learn how to use these magnets, the funnels are more fun this way! Last pic freedom Hi Nu = Win!

    • Ahahah thx chubby ^^
      For that standing pose, I need to mod the waist, back skirt, and neck. Rather hard to describe (since my English is not good), but I’m trying to achieve a standing pose like that of a revoltech.

  2. the first pic is very sinister.. and pink ox looks radioactive 😛

    dude, really nice work on the panel lines. he does look a bit like Freedom with the funnels like that, but cooler ^^ are you going to sharpen his V fins? really wanna try mods like this in the future, keep it up!

    • Now you mention it…..ox does look radioactive, lol!
      Glad you like my work, sharpen v-fin is a must ^_^
      and for panel line, I’m still a noob, used this kit to experiment, you can see many flaws if you look closer to the actual thing ^_^

    • thx bro.
      Actually it’s not that original, the funnels concept is from ak-craft Nu gundam, and the panel lines from NGT >.<

      but at least, the proportion mod is my original style ^^

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