25 comments on “Pink Ox and Green Bat

  1. lmao alien doll language! that was hilarious XD nice you go the glow in the dark bat!

    chubbybots poisoned me too with his collections. but i cant find a place where i get to choose the one i want, all is sold random ^^;

    • Seems like chubbybots poison everyone with his ugyldoll.
      Yea uglydoll vinyl is supposed to be trading figure, but the store already opened them and put a mark on the box, which is just nice!

  2. Buhaha!!! Nice!!! Thats one thing I like about play imaginative, they actually mark the boxes so you can choose what you like.

    Lol I treat my uglydolls like zombies in most of my stories (its so easy to add blood textures to them!) Your ugly dolls are of alien origin haha!! And think drossel is in for a world of headaches with these 2:P So planning to get more? I heard they are releasing a series 2 soon (but no date as of yet)

    • It’s your fault!! ahahaha
      I like the glow in the dark ice bat. At first I couldn’t find Play Imaginative, I entered Iluma, searched until level 3. In the end I found the entrance is from outside ^_^

  3. Drossel is building her secret army 😀 very soon they will hijack your customade vlag.

    Drossel: Orewa Gundammmmmmm
    Ox & Ice Bat: *$&%^$&*%$*^$^*^$@*&^%@*(#&%

  4. OMG… More ugly dolls, and they’re speaking… in symbols. XD

    Drossel does look, umm… “bossy”. Too bad my Fraulein Yoko couldn’t do that pose… But she does have her blu-tack tentacle pet to “persuade” others… XD

    • I want her to look like gendou ikari, later will find a suitable table for her.
      Blu-tack tentacle pet? I don’t get it >.<

    • First I thought uglydolls are really ugly, that’s for the plushies. But then chubby introduced the vinyl ones, which are very nice.

      Beli aja bro, lucu kok ^_^

  5. oh, so you’re also collecting urban toys eh, heheheh, feel the “poison” grow on ya, slowly…. slowlllyyy….

    great figures to start out bro,
    how bout collecting all of the Ice Bats variants? X D

    • hi nuo, thx for dropping by 😀
      I am thinking of getting the worm and dog from season 2
      but then the price went up quite drastically >.<

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