13 comments on “Sunday

  1. Ah that red glowy feeling haha…the way your drossel rests reminds me of myself on Sunday mornings!!! Just laze and stare at the ceiling 😀

    And damn….thats one delicious steak…

      • Lol now that you mentioned it…its like on fire!! haha …anyway just bring that steak to your room 😀 you can have it well done by sunset ^^

  2. lol with the light shining through your orange curtain, it looks like the apocalypse XD
    the work on your Vlag is so impressive! ^^ man looking at that food is making me hungry lol

    • The same question I asked rocklee and chubbybots. And thx to them now I can put banners ^^
      intinya, kamu ke dashboard and masuk ke ‘edit link’
      nti di sana ad bagian ‘advance’ nah, di situ bisa masukin link image ny. dicoba dl bro.

    • Yea Aston is good, nice food with nice price ^^

      I think Paya Lebar is the area for Indonesian worker here.
      If you go on Sunday, in front of Tanjong Katong you can hear people talking in Indonesia dialect.

  3. And I thought my table was cramped… ^^;;

    Did “customised” a Flag into a black keys wielding mecha? O_o

    p.s. somehow WP snow effect is making my Firefox lagging… How do you add them? BTW. XD

    • So you also mod your flag? Would like to see…
      The snow effect is only for Christmas I think, a while ago it just suddenly popped out, I didn’t change the settings at all.

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